Board of Directors

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Xavier DeGroat

CEO and Founder

Xavier DeGroat is an autism advocate that is very involved in networking to educate society on the needs of people with autism. Xavier was diagnosed with autism at the age of four years old, and has since faced many obstacles in reaching his potential.


Overcoming these obstacles motivated him to help others with autism - and their families - reach their full potential economically, socially, and politically. He is passionate about eradicating injustices and poverty against those with autism through humanitarian work. He founded the Xavier DeGroat Autism Foundation at the beginning of 2018, and has many plans to educate and serve those with autism that struggle in today’s society.


Jeff Kegler


Jeff Kegler is an Executive committee member with the Xavier Degroat Autism Foundation and has volunteered within the larger holt community for the past 30 years. Jeff has spent his time with the Holt school district and as an MSU club softball coach.

Jeff met Xavier 6 years ago at the Jersey Giant Subs in Frandor Michigan where he first expressed his firm belief in raising awareness and acceptance for the Autism community. 

Throughout their friendship Jeff has embodied the foundations mission while fully supporting and advocating for the Xavier DeGroat Autism Foundation.


Scott Greenlee

Communications Director

Scott Greenlee is the President of Greenlee Consulting, a full service Corporate and Political Consulting firm.  A lifelong Michigander who was born in Grand Rapids and now resides in Lansing Township, Scott has been actively engaged in non-profits and community causes throughout Michigan, America, and the World.  


After a ten year career in telecommunications, Scott opened Greenlee Consulting in 2003 and has been a self-employed entrepreneur since then.  He also took time out to serve as Export Director of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and to work for three years in the Executive Office of the Michigan Attorney General.  


Scott has served as President of the Grand Rapids Jaycees, Michigan Jaycees, and JCI (Junior Chamber International - the global arm of the Jaycees), as well as having served as Club President of the East Lansing Kiwanis, on the State Board of Directors for Michigan Kiwanis, and is on the Michigan Kiwanis Foundation Board.  He served on the Project Rehab Board of Directors, is Treasurer of Police Week Michigan, and has been active in a number of political campaigns and causes.  


His firm, Greenlee Consulting, is a strategic partner of Advantage Management Consulting Philippines, Inc. with offices in Metro Manila, Philippines.  


In his spare time he is an avid golfer, follows sports of all types around the world, and enjoys travel.