X.D.A.F. advocates for:


civil and human rights

for those with autism



government accountability and legislation

that accounts for the needs of autistic families and caregivers




of people with autism, so they can have a stronger voice



breaking down boundaries

and obstacles that stand in the way of the X.D.A.F. Mission.


Economic Opportunity

X.D.A.F. strives to:


increase employment and compensation

for those with autism

encourage and support

business leaders to develop employment programs for those on the spectrum


develop innovative employment approaches

for autistics


X.D.A.F. promotes autistic education including:



to enable teachers to effectively educate autistic students



Quality education

for autistic students to develop real-life skills and be as independent as possible



Educating parents

on raising autistic children



Building broad awareness

of the challenges and opportunities of those with autism


X.D.A.F. actively:


helps provide

food, transportation, and housing to autistics in need



searches for ways

to make health care insurance more available to those with autism and their families



Provides stress-reducing approaches

for autistics and their families



Partners with

complementary nonprofit organizations

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